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OCTOBER 14, 2014

ZYGOS Consulting LLC is pleased to announce it was recently awarded a Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS) schedule contract by the General Services Administration (GSA). The MOBIS schedule offers a full range of management and consulting services for improving agency performance and providing assistance with meeting mission goals.

To earn the MOBIS award, ZYGOS underwent a rigorous review of its products and services, management practices, customer satisfaction, and past performance; including quality, timeliness, cost, and value. Through the MOBIS schedule, ZYGOS now offers the advantages of pre-negotiated rates and a streamlined, time-saving process for all Federal agencies to quickly access ZYGOS’ expertise via task orders.

"We help federal agencies define and implement innovative acquisition strategies to improve performance and reduce costs," said Josh Hackett, a Partner at ZYGOS. "We are excited to be awarded a MOBIS contract as it will allow agencies to obtain our services as a prime contractor now. This is a challenge for many small, niche businesses like us and it’s a hurdle we are pleased to have overcome.”

ZYGOS’ MOBIS contract (GS-10F-003CA) has a five-year period of performance with three additional five-year options. The company is an authorized supplier for schedules 874-1 (Integrated Consulting Services) and 874-6 (Acquisition Management Support). Additional information is available at and

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