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As part of our value add, we connect our clients and the federal government community with relevant resources to inform and educate.

This is a collection of resources we find to be very helpful for acquisition professionals who want to improve their knowledge or keep up to date on the latest trends. 


NPS ARP Weekly Newsletter

The Acquisition Research Program publishes a weekly newsletter in which they highlight key developments in acquisition, policy, government innovation, and research.

Section 809

Panel Reports

The Advisory Panel on Streamlining and Codifying Acquisition Regulations delivered recommendations on transforming the defense acquisition system to meet the threats and demands of the 21st century.

US Digital Service TechFAR Hub

The TechFAR Hub was created by the US Digital Service to provide a connection point between those who are doing digital service acquisition and those who want to.

MITRE Acquisition

in the Digital Age

MITRE is a non-profit poised to help federal agencies uniquely tailor their acquisition policies, processes, and guidance to develop their own set of proactively tailored acquisition models.

Where in Federal Contracting (WIFCON)

WIFCON serves the federal acquisition community by providing quick access to acquisition information such as legislation, regulations, appeals, decisions and more.

GAO Agile

Assessment Guide

The Agile Assessment Guide discusses best practices that can be used across the federal government for Agile adoption, execution, and program monitoring and control.

DAU Adaptive

Acquisition Framework

Defense Acquisition University provides a set of six acquisition pathway options to enable the workforce to tailor strategies to deliver better solutions faster.

General Services Administration 18F

18F is an office of federal employees within the GSA that collaborates with other agencies to fix technical problems, build products, and improve how government serves the public through technology.

U.S. Department of Defense Contracts

The U.S. Department of Defense announces contracts valued at $7.5 million or more each business day

at 5 p.m.

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