Company Background and Philosophy

ZYGOS Consulting LLC was founded in January 2011 as a management and technology consultancy serving the DoD and Federal Civilian marketplaces. The firm’s primary service offerings are Strategic Planning, Acquisition Support, and Program Management.

ZYGOS’ business model is incredibly simple. We are a small business that offers high-end services from seasoned consultants at competitive rates. We are keenly aware that in this business our people are everything, so we treat them accordingly. Our employee compensation and benefits packages are superior to those of most large businesses. By treating our employees better we are able to recruit and retain the best of the best, which translates to higher quality service delivery to our clients – a simple and effective model. Being a small business with low overhead and no bureaucracy allows us to focus on clients’ needs instead of internal politics and sales goals. We focus on providing superior services and helping our clients succeed. We believe the rest will take care of itself.

What is the meaning of ZYGOS?

Zygos (Ζυγός) is a village on the Greek mainland named after the Greek word for balancing scales. The selection of the word Zygos in ZYGOS Consulting was based on founder Nick Tsiopanas’ Greek heritage and intended to be a reflection of the work that ZYGOS Consulting performs. The choice to display ZYGOS in all capital letters in the company name was a branding decision to help the name stand out, much like the prominent role each of ZYGOS’ consultants play advising their clients.

Balancing scales is a phrase that describes the work ZYGOS Consulting does for its clients. We are trusted advisors who help clients make critical decisions, and to be effective those decisions must be based on deliberate criteria. Not all decision criteria are created equal – some have a higher priority based on the organization’s goals and objectives – while others may be included to ensure compliance with policies and regulations. ZYGOS Consulting leads clients through a mature methodology that puts all of these criteria into a coherent model to facilitate an effective decision. Using this process, we help our clients balance the scales to make The Right Decisions. Right Now.